Name? -Ryanne, pronounced rye-anne. 

Where from? -Southern California.

How old are you? -18, 10/22/95.

How tall are you? -5’5.

Straight? -100%. but I have an exception for Hayley Williams and the Victoria’s Secret models.

Single? - Yessssssss ;]

You sing? -I do. You can watch my cover videos here.

What camera do you use to take pictures? -Right now I use my Canon EOS T1i/500d. Before that I had a little sony cybershot, which I still use on occasion.

How do you make your gifs? -I use an extension on google chrome to download the video from youtube. And I use Photoshop CS5 to edit/make the gif.

Also, I really do read and appreciate all of the messages/compliments i get. I just dont have the time to reply to every single one of them, sorry.